Find an attorney for your escort business

Are you looking to find an attorney for your escort business?

Find an attorney for your escort businessAre you one of the many escort agency owners who wants to find an attorney for your escort service?

If you are unaware, in the US, many attorneys want NOTHING to do with anyone in the escort industry who owns an escort service. It’s appalling to me that they would rather represent a criminal who kills, rapes or steals from others, than an entrepreneur in the escort industry who is just running a business just like everyone else. This is just one more reason why I offer this Lawyer Research Package.

Here are some points to educate you:

A lot of it is based on stereotypes and a lack of understanding of what the representation of these escort business clients means in the real world.

Now they may not turn you away if you walk in after setting up an appointment to go see your average lawyer, but do you really want someone who doesn’t totally believe in your business and has your back?

They seem to feel more comfortable representing escorts or prostitutes.

The top interference lines my legal guy usually got were one or more of the following:

  1. They watch too much TV/movies – they think representing this type of clientele will lead to waiting rooms full of the stereotypical street hookers/pimps, or “not the kind of people” they want to be seen associating with.
  2. Although this is a prime skill in lawyering, in his experience, attorneys like to think they’re helping people avoid trouble. Help them get their lives back together, etc.

    They don’t like being called on to help folks knowingly evade or defeat the law.

    There is a fine ethical line between “zealously representing your client” and “aiding and abetting” crimes. They would much rather hear, “I screwed up and got charged with _________________.” It was a mistake and I’ll never do THAT again, than “help me continue to break the law and not get caught.”

    This is the same reason nobody wants to represent the mob anymore even though they pay well and keep sending them business. WOW, now we are supposedly on the SAME level as the mob.

    Just so everyone knows, I NEVER EVER dealt with criminals when I ran my escort agency and trust me, there were some petty ones floating around who I had to constantly watch over so as to not hurt my company.

    I ALWAYS swore, that if someone from the mafia ever approached me, I’d sooner shut down my escort agency than get into bed with THEM.

    This is also why the IRS requires attorneys and financial advisors to notify tax clients that they are prohibited from giving legal advice that will help evade penalties or additions to tax. (See IRC 230 Circular).

  3. Lack of understanding of how the modern escort industry works.
  4. They find the whole idea of the industry distasteful and don’t want to participate in furthering it (usually linked to #3, and most common with older lawyers).

So there you have it. The 4 main reasons why attorneys don’t want to represent escort service owners.

I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of my Lawyer Research package to find an attorney for your escort business. This way we can find you someone who DOESN’T look down upon our industry and will have your back, not to mention gives good customer service.

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