Prostitution empowered women

Prostitution Empowered Women in the Wild Wild West

Did you know that back in the 1800’s just as America was starting to bring in tons of men to settle in the West, that brothels were sooo common, that many times the women made more money than the men?

Back then, prostitutes (or the madams) had a lot of clout and no one looked down on them like they do today.

These women even invested their money into businesses and schools, thereby building these work camps into small American towns.

It wasn’t until afterward that men and women (the religious fanatics) didn’t like all these women having power, so they made prostitution illegal.

Because of their illogical controlling anti female decision, America is the ONLY first world country in the entire world that vilifies the prostitution or escort industry. This close minded judgemental puritanical mentality has created a stigma against women, degraded them and many women have to work as escorts and prostitutes in secrecy.

This of course harms all the parties involved in this industry making it dangerous and attracting criminals. Not to mention the financial drain it puts on your tax dollars.

Just like with the illegalization of marijuana and the “war on drugs” it puts a HUGE drain on society trying to get rid of an industry that has been around even LONG before the 1800’s.

These vice task forces go after all of these people who are all consenting adults, not to mention the money spent on the trials and incarcerating people along with vicious criminals.

Watch this video to get an insight look at how back in the 1800’s, prostitution helped everyone who touched the industry.


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