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Hi All, welcome to my Escort Industry Blog

Well as most people already know, I’m one of the leading experts when it comes to the escort industry.

I’ve been in the escort industry since 1989 either by running two very successful escort agencies, providing consulting services, legal services, marketing services, plus writing my one-of-a-kind business kits.

Learn how to start & run a professional escort serviceI help people start and run their own escort service by way of my business kits. http://exoticpublishing.com

I also wrote the business kit on “How to Become a Successful Escort” and my Screening Package both located on – http://becomeanescort.com

As I mentioned, I also provide reasonably priced Legal Products and Services for the Escort Industry at The Escort Law Review.

My blog caters to people who are interested in running an escort service. I tend to write whenever I can on topics that I feel will help the escort industry in some way.

Even if it’s a post where I rant, at least people who support the escort industry will know they aren’t the only one with these opinions.

I encourage you to post your opinions, as we all need to stick together to help the escort industry become a much better place for all involved.

I don’t really have a set agenda, but I do have some goals which are:

  • I may also warn people about certain people or companies in the escort industry if I become aware that they are liars, scammers, fraudsters, etc.
  • Helping escort businesses become more professional and ethical. A business is a business is a business. People in the escort industry have to start learning that they can’t run fly by night wannabee businesses if they want to be a success and want to be taken seriously. This is also reflects on on the industry as a whole, because shoddy run escort agencies prove to the public at large that the escort industry is sleazy.
  • It’s also my desire to help clean up the escort industry from pimps and hookers.

While I do agree that most companies involved in the escort industry aren’t very professional, what does irk me is the judgement from conservative ignorant people who run mainstream companies companies online and refuse to do business with adult businesses. They “assume” that every adult company is sleazy, unethical, and up to no good.

That is why I started this site to embrace products and services that don’t discriminate against the escort industry. I also review these companies in order to help escort services and independent escorts so they can benefit by running a more professional business.

I’m not saying that companies don’t have the right to turn away a client or customer, and I’m not saying that all people should LOVE the escort industry, but discrimination against the escort industry is a huge problem worldwide, especially in the US.

I’m trying to diffuse that discrimination and shame that exists both in the escort industry, and educate the public about their ignorance and fear when it comes to the escort industry.

Fear does nothing but produce more fear.

Again, please post your comments on this blog. We’d all love to hear from you.

Thank you for listening.

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Exotic Publishing

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