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Excellent Bookkeeping Services
for Your Escort Business

Don't let the IRS or Revenue Canada come after you

I'm sorry, but at this time I don't have these services available.

If anything changes, I will let you know.

Many an escort agency owner and independent escort has been taken down by the IRS. I don't want that to be YOU!

Finding a good bookkeeper is like finding a good lawyer or accountant, they are few and far between.

I hired 6 bookkeepers who all did a terrible job until I came across this one who not only cleaned everything up, she found me money I never knew I was being charged.

Getting your books done right the FIRST time is crucial to running a worry free business.

Hiring a bad bookkeeper and then having to start all over from scratch again not only costs you money you shouldn't have to spend, but will stress you out to no end. Trust me, I know.

I vowed the minute I found a great bookkeeper I would start offering bookkeeping services to my clients, because you don't want to be left behind when it comes time to filing taxes, GST, State or Federal Sales Taxes.

Not only will our bookkeeper keep your books in tip top shape and help you to declare expenses you may not know you had, she will be able to do your yearly tax return as well.

Our bookkeeper can do your books with QuickBooks if you live in the US or Canada. Sorry, we aren't taking on UK clients at this time.

Our bookkeeper will detail how your business is growing, areas you need to focus on, where you are paying the most in expenses and more. This is vital information you need to know to streamline your escort business.

I am offering bookeeping and tax return services to all people in the escort industry (independent escorts, agency escorts, escort service agency owners, phone people, drivers, even if you aren't in the escort industry, a business is a business).

We would especially like to help existing Exotic Publishing clients, but even if you aren't an Exotic Publishing client just yet, we would never turn you away.

Knowing our bookkeeper understands the escort industry will help you feel comfortable. Knowing our bookkeeper would NEVER judge you because you are in the escort industry is very important.

Knowing that she understands how people work their numbers is important, and lastly, Discretion is our bookkeeper's middle name.

Regular Prices are: $30/hour for clients, $40/hour for non Exotic Publishing clients.
Prices for March & April of any year or any rush work you need done is: $34.50/hour for clients, $46/hour for non Exotic Publishing clients.

We can only take on a few clients at a time, as we want to do your books the right way, so e-mail me ASAP with any questions you have and give us a rundown on what you need done.

We will tell you how many hours we think it will take, request payment, send you paperwok you need to fill out, request your paperwork, & then get started.

We ONLY accept serious inquiries from people who are serious about their business.

If you are serious about us doing your books or doing your income tax return, then please contact me asap.

Thank you


Michelle & her Exotic Publishing Team

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Updated 21-Feb-12