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Exotic Publishing's Terms and Conditions

Note: Before you read about our screening process, any order using Western Union will not require any screening other than calling you to discuss payment.

Note #2: Since fraud has increased in the last few years and continues to be a problem even currently in 2014/2015, for all products or services you order, we now require you to sign and initial a copy of our purchase agreement.

We will send it to you filled out so you just need to digitally sign and initial it and send it back to us.

Before we can process your order, we also require a scanned copy of your credit card (front and back) to verify you have the card in your possession, plus your photo ID. We will need you to send one copy of your ID, plus a picture of you holding your ID next to your face.

Before you refuse this policy of ours outright, be aware that several escort directories and escort review sites now require ID before an escort or an escort agency can even advertise with them. Even webcam companies require that you provide ID along with your face. Exotic Publishing is just one more company requesting this type of information to protect the company as well as all honest ethical clients of Exotic Publishing.

We don’t require your SSN, just your government-issued ID which is already public knowledge. All of your information is kept strictly confidential with us.

As of now Michelle is the only one who sees the ID, and the ID is ONLY used to verify that you are the card holder. The only reason we would ever need to pull up your ID, is if in the future it is necessary because there are problems with your bank. Banks are notorious for blips, so we may also need to use it to prove that you indeed authorized us to charge your credit card.

Unfortunately there is a lot of discrimination out there about the escort industry that we can't do anything about. Our goal is to try to build you products and services you can use for your business so you WON'T be judged and treated with such disrespect.

Having Exotic Publishing in your corner is like having someone watching your back, plus we hope to make you feel confident in your decision to get into the escort industry. Remember, you are doing nothing wrong by getting into the escort industry, not unless you are using the industry for negative reasons.

If providing the ID is an absolute problem for you, I recommend that you talk with us first via the phone or e-mail; you can use Western Union to pay and avoid giving us your ID. Understand that we charge a 20% service charge on all Western Union transactions.

Sending Money Orders also requires ID because people can create fake ones. Again, even for that payment method we include a 20% service charge on top of our regular prices to make up for the extra work involved in dealing with a money order, the mailing to 2 different locations & having to get to the bank to deposit which we normally don't have to do.

We also have a survey with common questions companies need for marketing and demographic purposes. We have found this also works as another way to screen, so it is mandatory. We don't mean to pry, this information also helps improve our business by understanding what types of people are interested in the escort industry, what products and services they need/want, etc. We have also found that when people make mistakes in their order, they fill out the correct information on the survey, so that helps to catch them.

For your valuable time filling out the survey, you will receive a 10% coupon to use towards most of our products & services made available to you. Details will arrive in your inbox after you have filled it out.

We are sorry for any inconvenience requiring ID may cause you; we don't wish to make your life more difficult, but we do have to protect our company as well as our existing clients who depend on us.

We thank you for your understanding. That means a lot to us.

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Updated 28-May-16