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Is Seeing an escort a bad thing?

Monday, July 5th, 2010

This question was asked on a site & the answer was soooo long, rather than spend hours trying to pare it down, I decided to just post it here & link to this blog post.

Question –

i wanna know why hiring an escort service is a bad thing?

Michelle’s Answer –

Your assumption is correct, there is nothing wrong with hiring an escort, so long as it doesn’t become your addiction AND doesn’t end up always replacing the human need for you to have real relationships with other people. Saying that though, some people just don’t have the time to have real relationships with other people. For example, there are men or women, who travel all the time & are never in a city longer than a day or two. They need companionship & therefore seeing escorts on a regular basis will help them fulfill that need.

The only other time I think it’s a negative thing, is if you become so addicted to seeing escorts that you end up going broke.

Hiring someone for companionship (it’s NOT just about sex contrary to most people’s opinion), is NOT wrong. It’s just that most people are very religious & think they know it all. They often spout nonsense they know nothing about even though they themselves often see escorts. (do what I say, not what I do). They are called hypocrites.

These religious people think that sex is only meant for procreational reasons.

I’ll never forget the time I went to see an older doctor when I was younger & he said that VERY thing to me & I was shocked that it was the early 90’s & people still thought that way, but they do.

There are many religions that teach that sex isn’t about having fun, it’s about having children.

So these religious minded people have brainwashed people (society) into thinking sex shouldn’t be fun & enjoyable which then of course contradicts how people feel about it when they do have sex or make love & it confuses them on some level.

Making love is one of THE most beautiful acts a human can have because it bonds us in such a way like no other.

Also you have to look at it from their other point of view, which is that you should ONLY have sex once you are married & that marriage is a contract between 2 people to build on that family.

Many moons ago people only got married to help support families or to build on their name AND that is still how it is in many different ethnicities & countries. Marriage never used to be about love. So basically they expected people to not have sex until marriage, & then only use it as a way to continue on the blood line. Sex was all very mechanical & controlling & this confused many people & of course they started to feel every time they had sex, that there was something wrong with it.

People who were at the top levels of these religions have been controlling human beings for thousands of years. They put fear into the people & when people weren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves (the majority is still not that intelligent), they just followed whatever their religion told them to do.

And since they didn’t want to seem like an outcast in society (if you were shunned back then, it was bad news), they just conformed to whatever the majority was saying or doing. People are still very much like this. They put on a face for their community & then only behind closed doors act as they truly are. It’s very sad to me.

This went on for years & years where people were too afraid to question what they were being told to do OR not to do. The people who scream the loudest, who make you think you are doing something wrong or what you are doing is fearful, usually end up winning the argument. People who are loving & free spirited usually don’t scream that loud because they just aren’t like that, so often times they get washed out & of course they aren’t part of the majority voice.

Religions have been telling people for YEARS, what is THEIR definition of moral & immoral & the bottom line is…

NO ONE can tell you what is right or wrong for you BUT YOU!

You are in control of your life no one else is, no other person, no other community, no so called religion, etc., BUT these people have you convinced & brainwashed into thinking that some faceless entity called god decides what is right vs. what is wrong & that’s just not true.

The way you can determine if something is right or wrong for you is this…

Does it make you happy? And I don’t mean just for 5 minutes, I mean does it REALLY make you happy & smile all over your body?

Does it leave you with your stomach feeling nauseous or does it give you a headache? Meaning, it’s making you feel like you are doing something wrong?

If you feel happy, than it’s a great decision for you at that moment in time. (remember, what makes you happy today isn’t always going to make you feel happy tomorrow. We all change & what we want in life changes & that’s fine, that’s part of life)

If what you are doing makes you feel shameful (not because other people are telling you this, but because YOU are feeling this), then it’s not a healthy choice for you.

But there in lies the question, does it make you feel shameful because you are still being brainwashed by religion & society EVEN if you are not religious? Or are you able to clearly think for yourself & decide that yes, it’s making me feel negative & therefore I better stop doing it.

Many non religious people still hold the same opinions as religious people because those opinions have been passed down in their family for centuries. They have been brain washed into having that belief, so my suggestion is to unbrainwash your mind & start with a clean slate. Start thinking for yourself no matter what the topic is.

And just so you know, the US is the WORST country when it comes to their judgments about the escort industry. Almost every other country (except most of the Muslim ones) allow the escort industry to exist in one way or another even if it’s not 100% legal.

Sorry for the long answer, but I had a point to make here :  )

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Wishing you all the happiness in life :  )

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A World Class Escorts

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

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