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Lots of Jobs –

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Lots of Jobs
[email protected]

Well people who aren’t very smart do tend to get themselves into trouble, & David from Lots of Jobs is just that in my opinion.

Here is what happened.

I found his site that allows companies to post ads searching for independent contractors or employees.

I tried to sign up to post some of my job openings for Exotic Publishing (yes, we hire real life staff – AMAZING, & we DON’T hire escorts, why would we???? We AREN’T an escort agency)

Anyway, this site kept saying that I was signing up as a job seeker instead of a company or employee, so I finally gave up & contacted them via their contact form. That was my first sign they didn’t know what they were doing.

I got no response, so a few weeks later I filled it out again asking them to PLEASE respond to their e-mails.

This is when I receive this RUDE judgmental e-mail which didn’t even have a subject line to it LOL. Just goes to show you how inept this guy really is. If you are a real online company, you should know that the subject line is one of THE most important areas you must address when writing e-mails.

Then he tells me he doesn’t post escort ads LOL WHO in the world ever said we were going to post escort ads????

He also said he didn’t want sales ads. Ummm, here we go again with sheer stupidity. Not ONCE did I give him any indication that we were planning on posting anything but an opening for a mainstream job.

Here is what he said… “We will answer the emails we want to answer, we don’t want escort jobs on our site, or product sales on our site, try Craiglist, thanks”

Well, you know what they say about assuming.

Job seekers, I’d be careful about searching on this site, you have a judgmental, ignorant, mean spirited person at the helm of it all. Think about the types of companies he allows to post on there.


A World Class Escorts

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

A World Class Escorts
(888) 229-0401

This so called escort agency came to our attention via one of our clients, so please be careful girls. I had someone check them out, & they have no website at all which sometimes is a warning, other times it’s not, but considering she paid out money to them, that right away is a sign of a scam.

This is why I tell all people who want to be escorts, purchase my book first before starting to escort.

Why waste money on scams when you can educate yourself for less.



A company called A World Class Escorts  ph# 888-229-0401, has postings in almost every state hiring escorts. I was new at Escorting and didn’t do much research before I started , so I’m sure it’s my fault. The man David guaranteed if you wire them 100.00 they will have you a date by the end of the day. I was pretty dumb and sent him 300.00, that was over 2 weeks ago, he will not answer or return my calls., I have another # also 951-547-4468 of which he had called me from before.. He went by the name of David, but he had me wire the money to Nick David in Corona, CA. Please have all girls to be careful of th A World Class Escorts, they scammed me.

Millbrook, AL”