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Is Seeing an escort a bad thing?

Monday, July 5th, 2010

This question was asked on a site & the answer was soooo long, rather than spend hours trying to pare it down, I decided to just post it here & link to this blog post.

Question –

i wanna know why hiring an escort service is a bad thing?

Michelle’s Answer –

Your assumption is correct, there is nothing wrong with hiring an escort, so long as it doesn’t become your addiction AND doesn’t end up always replacing the human need for you to have real relationships with other people. Saying that though, some people just don’t have the time to have real relationships with other people. For example, there are men or women, who travel all the time & are never in a city longer than a day or two. They need companionship & therefore seeing escorts on a regular basis will help them fulfill that need.

The only other time I think it’s a negative thing, is if you become so addicted to seeing escorts that you end up going broke.

Hiring someone for companionship (it’s NOT just about sex contrary to most people’s opinion), is NOT wrong. It’s just that most people are very religious & think they know it all. They often spout nonsense they know nothing about even though they themselves often see escorts. (do what I say, not what I do). They are called hypocrites.

These religious people think that sex is only meant for procreational reasons.

I’ll never forget the time I went to see an older doctor when I was younger & he said that VERY thing to me & I was shocked that it was the early 90’s & people still thought that way, but they do.

There are many religions that teach that sex isn’t about having fun, it’s about having children.

So these religious minded people have brainwashed people (society) into thinking sex shouldn’t be fun & enjoyable which then of course contradicts how people feel about it when they do have sex or make love & it confuses them on some level.

Making love is one of THE most beautiful acts a human can have because it bonds us in such a way like no other.

Also you have to look at it from their other point of view, which is that you should ONLY have sex once you are married & that marriage is a contract between 2 people to build on that family.

Many moons ago people only got married to help support families or to build on their name AND that is still how it is in many different ethnicities & countries. Marriage never used to be about love. So basically they expected people to not have sex until marriage, & then only use it as a way to continue on the blood line. Sex was all very mechanical & controlling & this confused many people & of course they started to feel every time they had sex, that there was something wrong with it.

People who were at the top levels of these religions have been controlling human beings for thousands of years. They put fear into the people & when people weren’t intelligent enough to think for themselves (the majority is still not that intelligent), they just followed whatever their religion told them to do.

And since they didn’t want to seem like an outcast in society (if you were shunned back then, it was bad news), they just conformed to whatever the majority was saying or doing. People are still very much like this. They put on a face for their community & then only behind closed doors act as they truly are. It’s very sad to me.

This went on for years & years where people were too afraid to question what they were being told to do OR not to do. The people who scream the loudest, who make you think you are doing something wrong or what you are doing is fearful, usually end up winning the argument. People who are loving & free spirited usually don’t scream that loud because they just aren’t like that, so often times they get washed out & of course they aren’t part of the majority voice.

Religions have been telling people for YEARS, what is THEIR definition of moral & immoral & the bottom line is…

NO ONE can tell you what is right or wrong for you BUT YOU!

You are in control of your life no one else is, no other person, no other community, no so called religion, etc., BUT these people have you convinced & brainwashed into thinking that some faceless entity called god decides what is right vs. what is wrong & that’s just not true.

The way you can determine if something is right or wrong for you is this…

Does it make you happy? And I don’t mean just for 5 minutes, I mean does it REALLY make you happy & smile all over your body?

Does it leave you with your stomach feeling nauseous or does it give you a headache? Meaning, it’s making you feel like you are doing something wrong?

If you feel happy, than it’s a great decision for you at that moment in time. (remember, what makes you happy today isn’t always going to make you feel happy tomorrow. We all change & what we want in life changes & that’s fine, that’s part of life)

If what you are doing makes you feel shameful (not because other people are telling you this, but because YOU are feeling this), then it’s not a healthy choice for you.

But there in lies the question, does it make you feel shameful because you are still being brainwashed by religion & society EVEN if you are not religious? Or are you able to clearly think for yourself & decide that yes, it’s making me feel negative & therefore I better stop doing it.

Many non religious people still hold the same opinions as religious people because those opinions have been passed down in their family for centuries. They have been brain washed into having that belief, so my suggestion is to unbrainwash your mind & start with a clean slate. Start thinking for yourself no matter what the topic is.

And just so you know, the US is the WORST country when it comes to their judgments about the escort industry. Almost every other country (except most of the Muslim ones) allow the escort industry to exist in one way or another even if it’s not 100% legal.

Sorry for the long answer, but I had a point to make here :  )

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Wishing you all the happiness in life :  )

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My views of the escort industry

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I sincerely apologize to everyone for my delay in blogging.

It’s been a busy year on many fronts, & I really should have started speaking out sooner, so I hope to squeeze a blog post in here or there until things settle down.

I will try to separate each of my points of view into an individual post, so if you wish to comment on only one topic, you can.

Nothing irks me MORE than the majority of society’s clear dysfunctionality when it comes to sexuality. To be fair to the rest of the world, there are many countries that don’t have these dysfunctionalities or the amount of people who do are a much smaller percentage than in the US & Canada.

Usually the people who are open minded keep quiet so they don’t get attacked by others, so it appears as if the closed minded angry ones are the majority when I’d say that’s a misnomer.

These closed minded angry people wag their tongues getting all high & mighty on topics they know next to nothing about, or they judge others for living their lives as they see fit.

I’ve come to accept this because I know neither you nor I can change society. All we can do is change ourselves & feel comfortable with who we are. So, I hope you are becoming more & more secure with who you are as a person, so you become less & less affected by these close minded judgmentals who try & push you around, or tell you what is right or wrong or morally right.

NO ONE can tell you what is right or wrong, ONLY YOU can determine what is right or wrong for you. We are all at different places in our lives, so one minute a person may be living one kind of life, & then 3 years later, another kind of life.

That’s why we change as humans, to grow & to learn.

To give you a bit of background on myself, I got into the escort industry many years ago back in 1988.

By the time I had worked as an escort for about 1-2 months, I realized the escort industry seriously needed someone to help the “girl next door” types (that was me) become escorts in a non-threatening, non confrontational environment. Away from the hookers who were cut throat, the owners who forced the girls to sleep with them, or the phone people who favored one girl over another just because she was her friend.

Having been hit with the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 13/14, I had always wanted to own my own business, & the entertainment or restaurant industry was top on my list of choices, but the capital needed to start what I had in mind was beyond my reach.

Being a young yet ambitious 22 year old, I kept my eyes open and my faith in my ambitions with me.

After realizing that I made a very poor escort, I knew I’d be better off running the place.

I got excited with my newfound goal, & the rest fell into my lap.

I found someone who taught me how to do the phones, & then I proceeded to learn step-by-step how to grow the escort agency into a “real” business because while the guy who taught me was great at selling, he really was a pig who could have cared less about the business in general. All he wanted to do was sleep with the girls, manipulate everyone & spend all his money.

I ended up being the one who protected the girls from him, & I had to stumble & make mistakes in order to learn, but it was a very educational experience, & I’m glad I went through it so I could learn.

That guy is still in the escort business, & unfortunately is one of many types of people who makes the escort industry look bad.

At the time I was too naive to even understand what my role in the escort industry would end up being. Back then when I ran my two escort services, & now I’m at the point where I am THE expert helping others open their own escort services or become escorts.

I’m proud to be of service to all of those who are confused, scared, & need that escort coach or consultant. I wish I had had one around me when I first started. Even once I was established I wish I would have had a support system in place, but alas back then there was no such service or business.

Back when I owned my escort agencies, I NEVER saw myself as a PIMP, & I laugh at the word when people use it since I’m sooo not like that.

I’m not saying there aren’t pimp like people out there who open & run agencies, that guy Richard was one of them, but what I’m saying, is that my GOAL is to help others who were like me get into & run a professional ethical escort agency so eventually the escort industry can have many professional escort services and professional escorts.

I’m NOT here to help the sleazy pimp like men & women who wish to get into the escort industry just so they can sleep with every girl that crosses their path.

I’m also not here to help any of those escorts who lie, steal, stab people in the back, & are all around hooker types. While they are a dime a dozen, the real escorts who really care about this industry & their clients are the ones I admire the most because they help make change when it is needed. smile

My main goal in starting my first escort service was to protect the girls, not use & abuse them. In fact, a year or two after being in the business, I was told by one of my escorts that I was definitely NOT a Madame.

I didn’t quite understand what she meant back then, but I understand it now. Some Madames can be borderline pimp like (controlling, semi dangerous, etc.), so she was giving me a compliment even though I didn’t know it at the time.

I was also told by Richard that I didn’t belong in the business because I was too honest.

I say this is bullshit.

Just because a person is in the escort industry doesn’t mean they have to be liars. I mean seriously, if you take a look at every type of industry out there, most people lie. This isn’t a trait limited ONLY to people who work in the escort industry. It never ceases to amaze me how people like to point fingers calling me a liar because I’m in the escort industry, when in fact they are the ones doing all the lying.

I’ve had lawyers say this, collection agency owners lie, I hire independent contractors online, & even though they know what kind of company this is, later on when it comes to light that they are an unskilled worker & they lied about their skillset, or just disappeared, they end up pointing their fingers at me calling me a liar.

While I do agree that the type of job, career or business we get into does reflect somewhat on our character, I feel it’s even more important to look at the person’s actions, NOT the type of industry they work in.

The local grocery store owner can lie day in & day out, & just because he owns a grocery store doesn’t mean I should assume he is always honest. I believe that everyone is honest until they give me a reason not to & while escorts do have to lie to their clients in order to have boundaries & in order to do their job, there are countless other positions that require the same thing:

  1. clothing salespeople who don’t want to hurt your feelings when they sell you on what you want to buy
  2. the customer service rep who lies saying their manager isn’t around to take your call
  3. the car salesman who says the chick magnet looks good on the 50 year old
  4. the model who pretends she is having the time of her life when really she’s feeling like shit
  5. lawyers who lie every day of their lives to both their clients & to the other side

I could go on, but I won’t.

Back to when I ran my escort agencies…

I was in my reality & just running my escort service minding my own business. So bloody what if I happen to be open minded. First & foremost I was an entrepreneur. I wanted to provide a need for escorts who were scared about working for an escort agency because they didn’t know what they were up against.

I also felt sorry for the clients who got scammed by the escorts or phone people.

I knew there was NOTHING wrong with running an escort service. In fact, I was proud of myself for giving the girls a safe, professional place to work, & their safety was always my first priority. I worked damm hard for them & my clients, so I found no shame in running an escort agency & if you are interested in starting an agency, I hope you find no shame in it either. Remember, no one can make you feel shameful, ONLY you can give the power to others to judge you if you decide to see yourself through their eyes instead of your own.

If you run an escort agency properly, I feel any influence I provide through my educational material has helped you as a person, as well as the escort industry as a whole.

I hope that if you decide to get into the escort industry as an escort agency owner, that you will be similar to myself, just an open minded entrepreneur who sees nothing wrong with offering non judgmental companionship whether open minded or just a service where clients can open up about who they really are.

Men & women need this type of service, there’s no doubt about that & there is a reason why it’s one of the oldest professions since the beginning of time. Sex & the need for love won’t go away just because you will it to. You can either embrace your sexuality & need for companionship, or fear & judge it.

So long as you know in your heart that you aren’t doing anything wrong like forcing others to do things they don’t want to do, that is all that matters to me. 

I encourage you to make a difference in this industry that needs a slap or two to get it into shape.

I have faith that one day that the rest of the people in North America (the States way more than in Canada) will FINALLY give up on trying to bring everyone down just because they feel they have the right to judge others. This often feels like way back when, when witches were burned at the stake out of fear of their power. Often the most open minded of women was shamed by the entire community because they couldn’t handle her sexuality either out of jealousy, or using religion as their weapon of choice.

Women & escorts aren’t here to take over the world, they are here to be women, & to provide a service.

I could say that most men fear women & while many still do, I don’t agree with that. I feel many women fear other women & it’s really a shame mainstream society is still so behind the times. I guess it helped me in my youth that even with being raised by a chauvinistic father, I never saw women as being any different than men, other than our body parts & a few other differences.

I hope one day both men & women will FINALLY start to respect women for the lovely, intelligent, creative, giving creatures they are.

On my next post, I’ll tell you why I feel escort services are being run by pimp like men & women.

Thank you for listening.

Exotic Publishing