Escorts are NOT hookers

Contrary to most people’s jaded and angry point of view, escorts are NOT hookers.

While many hookers pose as escorts online, and even many hookers try to get jobs in escort services, for me the line between an escort and a hooker is pretty clear.

A hooker usually provides just sex, and it’s cheap, often degrading to herself.

She usually has a trashy mouth, doesn’t respect herself, and has put herself through a lot of pain in her life. A hooker usually does drugs, is an alcoholic, she lets guys treat her like garbage, she usually doesn’t care about herself physical or emotionally, etc.

Hookers may work on the streets, or like I said, try to find a warm place to work, at an escort agency. If she has a pimp, he will force her to work either on the streets, or in an escort service.

I’m not saying that all escorts are emotionally very well functioning, but the good ones usually are. They are offering total companionship to their clients, they care about their clients, they would never ever let a client verbally or emotionally abuse them.

Escorts pick their clients very carefully. They pick the escort service they work for very carefully.

Escorts don’t think there is anything wrong with being an escort and they respect their choices in life. Yes they are open minded, but so what, that just shows they see nothing wrong with a human’s sexuality. Just because a lot of North Americans STILL have HUGE controlling issues regarding their sexuality doesn’t mean we all have to be like them. Being open minded (so long as it’s not hurting anyone) is our choice as human beings.

Just because I may not like something you do doesn’t mean I have the right to judge you because you are comfortable with your choices in life.

Escorts don’t do drugs, they rarely drink (especially on calls), and they are constantly trying to improve themselves both physically and emotionally. In fact you will see a trend with the great escorts – they improve who they are as a person way more than your average mainstream female out there. In fact people within the escort industry who have worked on their issues have a tendency to be more honest and more moral than your average human.

I’m not saying all escorts are like that, there are way too many out there who are emotionally very immature, angry, vindictive, have a very low IQ, and still act like little children even into their 30’s and 40’s. I’m talking about the great escorts here, not the ones who are on the low end of the spectrum, or the hooker types.

Escorts don’t talk trash, aren’t crude, and would never allow anyone to talk to them in that way.

So I just want to be clear here about escorts vs. hookers, because these short form acronyms  I always see online on website review boards and on escort industry forums really make me cringe. YUCK!

I would NEVER talk that way, I wouldn’t ever allow my escorts to talk this way, and if I were still running an escort agency, I would never allow customers to talk to me that way or about the escorts in that way. It’s very very disrespectful and it’s clearly HOOKER talk!


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