In-Call And Out-Call

incalls or outcallsIf you’re an escort agency owner or hope to become an escort agency owner, you should understand the difference between in-call and out-call escort services. Although some agencies may offer both, it is wise to understand the ins and outs of each before deciding what options your escort agency will offer.

An in-call escort service means that the client will come to you; an out-call escort service means that you will go to the client. For in-calls, you are the host; for out-calls the client is the host. The fundamental difference between in-call and out-call is pretty easy to understand, but the sections below discuss some of the nuances of each in more detail.
Out-calls usually occur either in clients’ houses or in hotels. When you run an out-call service, you avoid hotel or office rental costs that would be associated with in-call services. However, with an out-call service, you will probably need to hire drivers, who may occasionally double as body guards. (For both in-call and out-call escort services it is ideal to have some type of security available.) With some agencies, the escort provides most of the driver’s pay, but in other cases, the agency will provide most of the pay. Oftentimes, the agency will pay the driver per call and the escort will then tip them.

Although the gas, car mileage, and driver’s fees are an added cost associated with out-calls but not with in-calls, doing out-calls may allow you to draw customers from a much larger region. Also, with out-calls, the volume of business that you can handle is limited by the number of escorts you have working instead of by the number of rooms that you have available.


In-calls are usually done either in your agency’s building or office space or in a hotel room that you rent. If you are renting a building specifically for your agency so you can offer in-calls, you will need to maintain the premises and, more importantly, ensure that the interior is clean and inviting. You’ll need to have clean linens and fresh towels available. Make sure that you regularly take out the trash to avoid any build-up of odor. Your clients are paying for a pleasurable, professional service so you will need to keep your in-call location tidy and odor-free. Also – although it should hopefully be obvious – in-call agency offices are not the place to enjoy a bring-your-children-to-work day.

If you intend to do your in-calls in hotels and motels, you need to make sure you pick the right base of operations. Thus, you should shy away from small mom-n-pop motels where your agency’s activity will more likely be noticed. Also, look for hotels that have multiple entrances so that your clients will not have to pass by the front desk every time they enter or exit the building. You may also want to consider personalizing the hotel room environment by providing some candles or additional towels.

In-call services tend to encounter more legal barriers than out-call services and are generally considered riskier in this regard. However, with both in-call and out-call services, consulting services like The Escort Law Review to learn the laws in your region is of paramount importance. Products such as my Platinum Membership Package business kit will also help you learn more about the differences between in-calls and out-calls. This package will also give you training on how to run a successful escorting agency.

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