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Regular escort clients can turn on you

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Do you re-screen all your regular escort clientele?

When running an escort service in the escort industry, we should never forget that even though a client may be a regular, this doesn’t mean they won’t cause you problems down the road.

I’ll never forget with my first escort agency how one client who had already seen a few of my girls called up one night, saw my best escort for 10-12 hours & then committed fraud.

Back then if I had a public online blacklist, he would have been on it, but alas, he was only put on my intranet blacklist.

My point is, unfortunately you never know when a escort client is going to become an asshole & turn on you or your escorts, so you HAVE to always screen them as if they were new clients.

Granted you may not have to get as much information like you did the first time around if you still have data on him, but you shouldn’t just let your screening slide just because he’s calling your escort service back.

While it’s more difficult for escort services to screen like independent escorts must, I do feel you should implement many of the screening tips in my Screening Package. They could make or break whether you have problems with LE down the road.

My  new full screening package is on the site for escorts here. I’m sorry, but it’s not included in the Platinum Mentorship Package (PMP). Of course there are screening tips in the PMP, just not the full regimented plan I created for the independent escorts.

Don’t put your escort agency in jeopardy, make sure you screen, & screen your escorts TOO!