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Monday, July 30th, 2012

Here’s a rundown about the reviews of Michelle (that’s me) & Exotic Publishing.

Unfortunately when one is a vocal person & part of the escort industry, they can quickly become a target of ridicule, lies, bullying & defamation.

Even back when I ran my escort agencies, one of my competitors lied about me to keep girls from working at my escort service. Another competitor did something else (I won’t tell you what since I don’t want to give anyone ideas) to try & bring my escort agency down.

People who are insecure & don’t have faith in their own abilities will lie & try to bring others down around them. The truth isn’t good enough & they are probably the type to lie daily, some being chronic liars.

I can’t control people who lie anymore than you can & the lies & defamation online against so many people & businesses is increasing every year.

There are so many lies spread about me & Exotic Publishing supposedly being a scammer & a fraudster & they increase every year any time someone doesn’t like a review I give them, doesn’t like the way I talk to them, I’ve even had small companies attack me because of my negative review about their lack of customer service.

Anyone who knows me knows these accusations are false since I’m sooo into quality of products & services, that I feel bad if I don’t feel something is absolutely perfect (it’s a problem I have). They also know that I care deeply about customer service. I’ve been this way since I was 18 years old. While not all clients deserve to be cared for (I refuse to deal with nasty ones), I always drop everything for a client, as I feel it’s my duty to do so.

I also care deeply about discretion & all of my clients know that their identity is safe with me. But discretion is no longer important to me when someone who tries to purchase from me commits fraud, attacks me verbally, etc. I admit, I lose my temper when people are nasty for no reason at all. As I always say, you screw with me & I’ll screw back. Be a nice person & we will have no problems at all.

Unfortunately when you’ve been in business as long as I have, these things happen. Not daily thank gawd, but they do happen occasionally.

Any honest person who’s dealt with me will tell you the truth about my character. I care deeply about the escort industry & about the nice people in it.

I don’t have a problem with someone being angry because I give them a bad review, but to go around & call me a scammer & a fraudster in retaliation clearly shows what kind of a person they are & WHY they ended up getting the bad review from me in the first place.

90% of all the lies spread about me are from:

  • Independent contractors who were disrespectful & condescending. Unfortunately this is the reality when a company tries to hire these people online.  One minute they are okay with the escort industry, then when I give them a bad review, suddenly I’m a whore, pimp, evil & the name calling is endless.I get quite upset by freelancers who lie about their skill, waste my time, talk down to me as if they are the boss & I’m their subordinate or they disappear or rip me off & never do the work.Unfortunately this is quite common behavior online & I feel it gets worse because I’m in the escort industry.

    I’m very team oriented, so I cherish anyone I hire who is a talented kind respectful person.

  • Companies I’ve given negative reviews to. Why not jump on the bandwagon & continue the lies. Like I said, if these companies were run by nice honest people, they never would have ended up getting a negative review in the first place. These types of companies feel they are above everyone else & shouldn’t be given a review.
  • There’s a mortgage broker who has continued to harass me for years because I outed her for almost scamming me & costing me money. I was almost homeless because of her.Then others she scammed came out of the word work & posted their experiences & now she won’t leave me alone.Again, I can’t control these deeply disturbed people.

No one who’s called me a scammer & a fraudster is an actual client of Exotic Publishing.

Actually there was one client several years back who called me a scammer because I was 5 minutes late for his consultation session.

Years later I found out he was a fraudster himself & was in jail, still is in jail, who knows.

Unfortunately people online are very gullible & so they too go around spreading lies. I once saw a client of mine say she had no problem with me, but the other person who didn’t know me from Adam (or Eve) tried to talk her out of her own opinion.

I admit, when I see a negative review I tend to believe it as well, but I also approach the company or person & try to judge for myself who they are as a person/company.

My point is, these are the types of people attacking Exotic Publishing & me. Not one of them will provide their real name & they go out of their way to hide their identity so they can’t be held responsible for defamation.

Whenever I review someone, I always provide my first name. I feel it’s my duty to do so.

So even though there are tons of testimonials about Exotic Publishing on my 2 sites, I decided to start a review section here too.

Here are testimonials or reviews about myself or Exotic Publishing from:

  • people who have either purchased my products or services from Exotic Publishing;
  • have worked with me as vendors;
  • or have communicated with me over a long person of time regarding the escort industry

These are all honest, as I don’t create fake testimonials or reviews like other companies do.


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