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Petition to legitimize the escort industry in the US for escort services

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

A long time ago laws were put on the books to stop pimps from tracking girls down & forcing them into prostitution. Then pimps would beat the girls, get them high on drugs & take all their money holding them pretty much hostage so they worked for them.

Then there are escort agencies, also known as escort services. I ran my escort agency as professionally as I could. I also tried to maintain a decorum of ethics. I NEVER forced ANY girl to work for me, & I never tracked girls down to work for me. I ran my escort service like a regular business which is the way they should be run.

The problem is, since the US (and even a lot of other countries) SHUNS people who own escort agencies, this allows pimps to continue to do their dirty work behind closed doors since they don’t care how society sees them.

While some of these pimp like personalities may not be quite as bad as the ones that used to & still do own the streets, their coercive techniques disgust me.

Instead of setting a stage to give escorts a safe professional place to work, society forces escorts to work for pimps, or they force them to become independent when they aren’t ready.

Escorts shouldn’t be forced into either situation. It’s dangerous for them on both sides of the coin.

While not all escort services are like what I described, I hear it all the time from my escort clients. They want me to point them in the right direction. It’s harder & harder for escorts to find a good escort agency to work for & society is responsible for their plight.

Society ignorantly believes if they get rid of escort agency owners, POOF, the entire escort industry will fall to its knees. It’s the same throughout history which most people have a hard time learning from… if you criminalize an industry, you drive it underground & cause criminals to run the show. When you legalize it, the government can control it.

While I don’t think the government has any business controlling escort services, licensing them & making sure they are following a set of codes of conduct is perfectly fine with me.

But instead of taking the smart road, they have forced escort services owners to go underground where many have to deal with real criminals which only makes the escort industry that much more dangerous. Just like throwing people in jail, it turns many good people into criminals when they weren’t before.

I’m asking you to sign this petition to legitimize escort services (also known as escort agencies) for the United States of America.

Wouldn’t you rather have your daughter, sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, mother, co-worker, etc. stay safe by working in a professional ethical escort service instead of forcing her to work for pimps???

It’s up to YOU!

Thank you


The Escort Law Review

Progressive Escort Industry News for Ontario Canada

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Progressive Escort Industry News for Ontario Canada

There was some very exciting news in the Ontario Court System in Canada that while wasn’t directly about the escort industry, the decisions the judge made in court for 2 sex workers (prostitutes) does directly affect the escort industry in Ontario on a positive note.

Even if you are in the US & the UK, please read this full report of what happened, & sign this petition, as changes over in Canada sometimes do make an impact in the US & other countries worldwide.

For all Canadians province wide who support the escort industry, this petition relates to both escorts & escort agencies.

Thank you

The Escort Industry Network

Petition to Legitimize the Escort Industry in the US

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

This is a petition to legitimize the Escort Industry in the US, & it is written specifically for escort services, as an escort service is a viable legitimate business just like any other.

The US is one of the only countries in the entire world that does NOT recognize that the escort industry needs protecting & cleaning up. Other countries may not welcome the escort industry with open arms, but they don’t go to such lengths to crucify everyone associated with this industry that isn’t going anywhere & never has.

If you feel enough is enough already, & that the US’s patriarchal controlling mean spirited attitude is harming everyone involved (escorts, escort service owners, the clients who see escorts, etc.), please read this petition over & sign it.

Thank you

The Escort Industry Association