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Where to hire an escort?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

As a customer who hires escorts, some customers prefer hiring only independent escorts while others only prefer using escort agencies.

One customer I spoke to said, “To me an agency means security.  I’m often fearful of the Independent Woman trying to gain something from me if she wants to  blackmail me or something else crazy like that.  Or maybe even harass me by calling me on my number. ”

I agree with him.

Back when I ran my first escort service, I once had an escort who stole one of my best customers & boy did HE pay the price for not sticking with me.

From what I understood, they saw each other for months & then she started to get too possessive. I think he tried to tone it down & she went crazy & showed up at a party where him & his WIFE were & made a scene. Talk about BEYOND embarrassing.

So while you may think hiring an independent escort is the way to go, consider all your options first before making that leap & make sure you screen the agency too. You never know what type of person is running the escort agency, you DON’T want to be dealing with pimps, only real business people like me.


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Can you run a legal escort service in the US?

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

So I will be honest as I always am, because you need the hard hitting TRUTH!

While I love the escort industry & all it has to offer, there are way too many liars, scammers & fraudsters in the escort industry. In fact, I was & still am one of the few honest people in the escort industry & do you know how I know that? Because I still see people lying to people about “How they will teach them how to run a legal escort service.”

In the US there is NO SUCH THING! Unless you are running a brothel in certain counties in Nevada, the laws in the US are very very strict. The US is one of the most hostile countries when it comes to the escort industry.

Does that mean I don’t think you should start an escort business? Well it’s really up to you & how thick your think your skin is. That’s why I recommend my business kit (the Platinum Mentorship Package with over 500 pages of content + all my Bonuses) that teaches you what to say & not say, plus gives you all the contracts & forms to keep you organized & as safe as you can be.

That’s why I’m here as your mentor, couch & consultant, to help guide you throughout the duration of your escort business.

While I don’t want to sit here & speak negatively about my competition, nothing irks me more when people lie to others.

If I were you, I would NOT trust anyone who “claims” to be able to teach you how to run a clean legal escort service in the US. They are lying to you just to get your money.

If you want to learn if your city, county & state is more flexible when it comes to opening an escort service, I recommend my “Licensing & Laws 101 Package“.

In fact I’m going to give you an additional 5% off my already lowered price of my Platinum Mentorship Package. Here is your discount code – THE-TRUTH-2012 (make sure you click “apply” after you insert your discount).

So please think twice before being conned. Opening an escort service is a good business opportunity, but only if you have an honest person teaching you the ins & the outs. If you fall for the scam, you may end up ruining your entire life & I don’t want that for you.


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Taking shelter, clothing, food & necessities away from people

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

In this day & age in the year 2012, the US dollar is dropping & the unemployment rate is still at an all time high.

Many people haven’t been able to find work for over 4 years now & are still homeless, but never fear, politicians, the government & the police continue to try & take away our human need to live.

Their ongoing negative force continues to try & take the livelihood away from escorts, escort service owners & the people who run websites that offer advertising for the escort industry.

Does that sound like a kind, free society?

Are these the types of politicians you want running your country?

It’s not up to anyone to judge someone else’s life, how they live it, or what they do as a profession. If that person isn’t harming anyone, they should be left alone.

I often go onto news articles online featuring escorts who have been arrested, or escort service owners who have been unfairly arrested. I am most interested in the comments people leave.

What I see time & time again, is that the MAJORITY of the people who live in the US feel the escort industry should be made LEGAL, & be left alone.

That their tax dollars should NOT be spent running after escorts or escort service owners.

I personally feel if you haven’t cleaned up all the serial killers, murderers, thieves, rapists & white collar criminals, HOW DARE YOU go after escorts & professional escort agency owners?

(Disclaimer: I encourage the police to go after pimps who force girls (any age) to hook and/or keeps them prisoner. Anyone who drugs or gets escorts drunk, anyone who beats hookers or escorts. THOSE are the people you should be going after, NOT the regular people who work in the escort industry who have nothing to do with the above!)

Spitzer & CNN

Friday, June 25th, 2010

While I have no opinion on Spitzer hiring escorts as that’s his choice & it’s between him & his wife what he does in their relationship, what I DO have a problem with is society having one set of rules for escorts & escort services, and ANOTHER set of rules for people with money & power (political or otherwise).

Yes he was an ass making the escort industry laws even more egregious while he was in power all the while seeing escorts, but some people are just stupid asses. We can’t do anything about that, & clearly he felt he had to put on a show to society pretending to be someone he’s not, but then again, I heard that he was an ass to the escorts too, so back when I had my escort agency, I would NEVER have allowed him to see my girls if I knew he was treating them this way.

I am NOT signing this petition because I want Spitzer to go to jail, I’m signing it to make a point, that NO ONE should be charged for running an escort agency (service), working as an escort, OR seeing an escort. (Note: the petition is no longer there, but I got a copy from

What we do in our PRIVATE LIVES is OUR BUSINESS, not the government’s, not the court’s, NOT the police’s business.

It’s a joke that the government pretends religion has no sway in what laws the government comes up with. Come on, who’s kidding who here. You are forcing us ALL to play by your so called religious rules even though MANY religious people ALSO see escorts. Freedom of religion? What about freedom to have NO RELIGION?

You can’t REPRESS your sexuality, if you do, it will just come back to haunt you.

(when will they ever learn she says – while rolling her eyes in the air)

This archaic repressed way of thinking has got to STOP IN AMERICA! The only other countries soooo repressed when it comes to the escort industry are usually Arabic or Muslim countries!

So, America sits side by side with this controlling, judgmental, close minded way of thinking & it’s currently 2010!

We’ve come a long way people – NOT!

If you agree, please sign this petition to make a point.

Thank you

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How the powerful take advantage of the escort industry

Friday, December 18th, 2009

This post isn’t meant to scare anyone, rather, it’s meant to bring light to a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Not all countries treat escorts & escort services the same, in this post I’m talking mainly about the US & Canada.

Here are some examples of how the escort industry is stuck in a rut & is being controlled by society’s closed mindedness.

  1. It’s a commonly known fact that the police don’t care about escorts, they often laugh & think they are garbage, so if an escort is in trouble, who does she turn to?Escorts & escort agency owners are human beings just like anyone else. I of course don’t feel they are doing anything wrong. The only people who think they are doing something wrong are the closed minded, judgmental people who love to lump everyone into the same category instead of looking at each situation on its own merit. You also get religious fanatics that use religion to control others & then there are people who use one escort’s negative experience to making a sweeping statement that ALL escorts will have negative experiences. That’s just pure ignorance about life in general, not just about this particular topic.It’s unfortunate, but in the States & in some areas in Canada, the cops often threaten escorts and the owners of escort agencies. They force the girls to sleep with them (or I’ll arrest you), or they tell escort service owners they should get freebies otherwise they will close them down.In my opinion, this extortion is no different than what the mafia does.Note: NOT all cops are like this, but I’ve heard enough stories to know it’s not an isolated incident.

    I almost got ill when I first started to hear these stories.

    It was disgusting to me!

  2. While this isn’t the same situation, nothing irks me more, than powerful politicians or men who affect the laws hire escorts, & then go around arresting escorts & escort agency owners. I’m not stupid, clearly they can’t advertise to the public that they are seeing escorts, but if they choose to see escorts, occupying that position that negatively affects the escort industry is just plain wrong & of course hypocritical. Once again, I see nothing wrong with them hiring escorts, this is their personal choice as a human being, what I have a problem with is them continuing to skirt the issue that should have been made legalized years ago.While Canada is way more open minded about escorts & escort services, we all know that the most close minded of ALL the countries worldwide (besides the Muslim countries) is the US.They use the “it’s bad for you” moralistic judgments to tell you as a human being what is right or wrong for you. Guess what, they have no right or place to do that. Every human being is different, & every human being gets to choose what is right or wrong for themselves because they know better what is right & wrong for them.Even if it was wrong in some situations, we as human beings are allowed to even make mistakes in order to learn & grow. That’s why we are “supposed” to be FREE SPIRITS.
  3. North American society essentially drives the escort industry underground so that it is sometimes FORCED to deal with the criminals of society. When I ran my 2 escort agencies, I was naive at first & didn’t realize I’d be up against not only the police & society, but also trying to keep bad seeds away from my escort business. Drivers who threaten because they don’t like being fired, escorts’ boyfriends or husbands (some are pimps, some are pimp like) causing a whole bunch of problems, psycho escorts tearing the hair out of your head because they didn’t understand pay day was one day delayed because of the long weekend, or escorts stealing your money.An aside: I must pause for a second about the stealing. While we may thing & assume that stealing ONLY goes on in these types of industries, I just learned the other day that 75% of ALL employees steal from their employers, so don’t get on your high horse & say “you get what you deserve“. Difference is, the police will care when an employee steals from a mainstream business, but generally won’t care when it happens to an escort service owner. Back to the post: As I got smarter it was easier for me, but I can tell you now that you need to be strong, & not let bullies try & take you over.Escort Agencies can be robbed (it’s usually an inside job) & the people in the office can be beaten or held at gun point & do you think the police care? No, they expect this kind of thing to happen & they feel the owners deserve it.

    Those are the people who are supposed to be protecting ALL citizens.

    My point is, if you lump everyone together as criminals, you will get criminal behavior. It’s that simple & if drivers, escorts & phone people think they can get away with this behavior, there will be these problems.

    I wasn’t a criminal, didn’t want to be one & I was proud to be running a professional ethical escort service. I just happened to be a VERY open minded entrepreneur. Nothing wrong with that.

    So I say TAKE A STAND!

    Don’t let others tell you what you can & can’t do. Don’t let society’s views of the escort industry bring down the industry altogether.

    These people in society are just bullies trying to get you to conform to their view of the world. They spend all their waking hours trying to get people to be “moral” when they themselves are usually the most immoral of them all because there’s nothing loving about judging other humans.

    When law enforcement acts stupid & doesn’t protect the escort service like they would protect any other business, you end up dealing with people who have to fight by any means necessary, & that produces more crime. It’s COMMON SENSE. That’s how it was with prohibition, that’s how it is with the drug industry. It will never get better so long as you outlaw it, but hey, if tax payers want to waste their money on trying to fight a losing battle, well then…

    The other day on TV someone said, “the US has a really hard time learning from History”, & I agree. Instead of expanding & growing to accommodate change, the US has a tendency to bend over backwards to keep everyone the same way they were years ago. I feel it’s mainly because of the dogmatic religious people who think they are better than everyone else & have the right to point that so called “moral finger” at everyone else.

    Even the people who aren’t religious think they know & preach how others should behave. This is usually because they have no life, so they are constantly trying to butt their nose into everyone else’s business.

    Well guess what…

    That’s not how the world works, & one day escorts & escort agencies WILL be allowed to operate in peace & run an ethical professional business just like any other.

If you are one of the many who is open minded, you are a leader (NOT A FOLLOWER), & you wish to make change in the escort industry, please sign up here. Once my escort association is up & running, you will be notified.

Even if you help in the background, that’s better than ignoring the issues.

And of course, discretion is my middle name!

Thank you


Escorts are NOT hookers

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Contrary to most people’s jaded and angry point of view, escorts are NOT hookers.

While many hookers pose as escorts online, and even many hookers try to get jobs in escort services, for me the line between an escort and a hooker is pretty clear.

A hooker usually provides just sex, and it’s cheap, often degrading to herself.

She usually has a trashy mouth, doesn’t respect herself, and has put herself through a lot of pain in her life. A hooker usually does drugs, is an alcoholic, she lets guys treat her like garbage, she usually doesn’t care about herself physical or emotionally, etc.

Hookers may work on the streets, or like I said, try to find a warm place to work, at an escort agency. If she has a pimp, he will force her to work either on the streets, or in an escort service.

I’m not saying that all escorts are emotionally very well functioning, but the good ones usually are. They are offering total companionship to their clients, they care about their clients, they would never ever let a client verbally or emotionally abuse them.

Escorts pick their clients very carefully. They pick the escort service they work for very carefully.

Escorts don’t think there is anything wrong with being an escort and they respect their choices in life. Yes they are open minded, but so what, that just shows they see nothing wrong with a human’s sexuality. Just because a lot of North Americans STILL have HUGE controlling issues regarding their sexuality doesn’t mean we all have to be like them. Being open minded (so long as it’s not hurting anyone) is our choice as human beings.

Just because I may not like something you do doesn’t mean I have the right to judge you because you are comfortable with your choices in life.

Escorts don’t do drugs, they rarely drink (especially on calls), and they are constantly trying to improve themselves both physically and emotionally. In fact you will see a trend with the great escorts – they improve who they are as a person way more than your average mainstream female out there. In fact people within the escort industry who have worked on their issues have a tendency to be more honest and more moral than your average human.

I’m not saying all escorts are like that, there are way too many out there who are emotionally very immature, angry, vindictive, have a very low IQ, and still act like little children even into their 30’s and 40’s. I’m talking about the great escorts here, not the ones who are on the low end of the spectrum, or the hooker types.

Escorts don’t talk trash, aren’t crude, and would never allow anyone to talk to them in that way.

So I just want to be clear here about escorts vs. hookers, because these short form acronyms  I always see online on website review boards and on escort industry forums really make me cringe. YUCK!

I would NEVER talk that way, I wouldn’t ever allow my escorts to talk this way, and if I were still running an escort agency, I would never allow customers to talk to me that way or about the escorts in that way. It’s very very disrespectful and it’s clearly HOOKER talk!


My views of the escort industry

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I sincerely apologize to everyone for my delay in blogging.

It’s been a busy year on many fronts, & I really should have started speaking out sooner, so I hope to squeeze a blog post in here or there until things settle down.

I will try to separate each of my points of view into an individual post, so if you wish to comment on only one topic, you can.

Nothing irks me MORE than the majority of society’s clear dysfunctionality when it comes to sexuality. To be fair to the rest of the world, there are many countries that don’t have these dysfunctionalities or the amount of people who do are a much smaller percentage than in the US & Canada.

Usually the people who are open minded keep quiet so they don’t get attacked by others, so it appears as if the closed minded angry ones are the majority when I’d say that’s a misnomer.

These closed minded angry people wag their tongues getting all high & mighty on topics they know next to nothing about, or they judge others for living their lives as they see fit.

I’ve come to accept this because I know neither you nor I can change society. All we can do is change ourselves & feel comfortable with who we are. So, I hope you are becoming more & more secure with who you are as a person, so you become less & less affected by these close minded judgmentals who try & push you around, or tell you what is right or wrong or morally right.

NO ONE can tell you what is right or wrong, ONLY YOU can determine what is right or wrong for you. We are all at different places in our lives, so one minute a person may be living one kind of life, & then 3 years later, another kind of life.

That’s why we change as humans, to grow & to learn.

To give you a bit of background on myself, I got into the escort industry many years ago back in 1988.

By the time I had worked as an escort for about 1-2 months, I realized the escort industry seriously needed someone to help the “girl next door” types (that was me) become escorts in a non-threatening, non confrontational environment. Away from the hookers who were cut throat, the owners who forced the girls to sleep with them, or the phone people who favored one girl over another just because she was her friend.

Having been hit with the entrepreneurial bug at the age of 13/14, I had always wanted to own my own business, & the entertainment or restaurant industry was top on my list of choices, but the capital needed to start what I had in mind was beyond my reach.

Being a young yet ambitious 22 year old, I kept my eyes open and my faith in my ambitions with me.

After realizing that I made a very poor escort, I knew I’d be better off running the place.

I got excited with my newfound goal, & the rest fell into my lap.

I found someone who taught me how to do the phones, & then I proceeded to learn step-by-step how to grow the escort agency into a “real” business because while the guy who taught me was great at selling, he really was a pig who could have cared less about the business in general. All he wanted to do was sleep with the girls, manipulate everyone & spend all his money.

I ended up being the one who protected the girls from him, & I had to stumble & make mistakes in order to learn, but it was a very educational experience, & I’m glad I went through it so I could learn.

That guy is still in the escort business, & unfortunately is one of many types of people who makes the escort industry look bad.

At the time I was too naive to even understand what my role in the escort industry would end up being. Back then when I ran my two escort services, & now I’m at the point where I am THE expert helping others open their own escort services or become escorts.

I’m proud to be of service to all of those who are confused, scared, & need that escort coach or consultant. I wish I had had one around me when I first started. Even once I was established I wish I would have had a support system in place, but alas back then there was no such service or business.

Back when I owned my escort agencies, I NEVER saw myself as a PIMP, & I laugh at the word when people use it since I’m sooo not like that.

I’m not saying there aren’t pimp like people out there who open & run agencies, that guy Richard was one of them, but what I’m saying, is that my GOAL is to help others who were like me get into & run a professional ethical escort agency so eventually the escort industry can have many professional escort services and professional escorts.

I’m NOT here to help the sleazy pimp like men & women who wish to get into the escort industry just so they can sleep with every girl that crosses their path.

I’m also not here to help any of those escorts who lie, steal, stab people in the back, & are all around hooker types. While they are a dime a dozen, the real escorts who really care about this industry & their clients are the ones I admire the most because they help make change when it is needed. smile

My main goal in starting my first escort service was to protect the girls, not use & abuse them. In fact, a year or two after being in the business, I was told by one of my escorts that I was definitely NOT a Madame.

I didn’t quite understand what she meant back then, but I understand it now. Some Madames can be borderline pimp like (controlling, semi dangerous, etc.), so she was giving me a compliment even though I didn’t know it at the time.

I was also told by Richard that I didn’t belong in the business because I was too honest.

I say this is bullshit.

Just because a person is in the escort industry doesn’t mean they have to be liars. I mean seriously, if you take a look at every type of industry out there, most people lie. This isn’t a trait limited ONLY to people who work in the escort industry. It never ceases to amaze me how people like to point fingers calling me a liar because I’m in the escort industry, when in fact they are the ones doing all the lying.

I’ve had lawyers say this, collection agency owners lie, I hire independent contractors online, & even though they know what kind of company this is, later on when it comes to light that they are an unskilled worker & they lied about their skillset, or just disappeared, they end up pointing their fingers at me calling me a liar.

While I do agree that the type of job, career or business we get into does reflect somewhat on our character, I feel it’s even more important to look at the person’s actions, NOT the type of industry they work in.

The local grocery store owner can lie day in & day out, & just because he owns a grocery store doesn’t mean I should assume he is always honest. I believe that everyone is honest until they give me a reason not to & while escorts do have to lie to their clients in order to have boundaries & in order to do their job, there are countless other positions that require the same thing:

  1. clothing salespeople who don’t want to hurt your feelings when they sell you on what you want to buy
  2. the customer service rep who lies saying their manager isn’t around to take your call
  3. the car salesman who says the chick magnet looks good on the 50 year old
  4. the model who pretends she is having the time of her life when really she’s feeling like shit
  5. lawyers who lie every day of their lives to both their clients & to the other side

I could go on, but I won’t.

Back to when I ran my escort agencies…

I was in my reality & just running my escort service minding my own business. So bloody what if I happen to be open minded. First & foremost I was an entrepreneur. I wanted to provide a need for escorts who were scared about working for an escort agency because they didn’t know what they were up against.

I also felt sorry for the clients who got scammed by the escorts or phone people.

I knew there was NOTHING wrong with running an escort service. In fact, I was proud of myself for giving the girls a safe, professional place to work, & their safety was always my first priority. I worked damm hard for them & my clients, so I found no shame in running an escort agency & if you are interested in starting an agency, I hope you find no shame in it either. Remember, no one can make you feel shameful, ONLY you can give the power to others to judge you if you decide to see yourself through their eyes instead of your own.

If you run an escort agency properly, I feel any influence I provide through my educational material has helped you as a person, as well as the escort industry as a whole.

I hope that if you decide to get into the escort industry as an escort agency owner, that you will be similar to myself, just an open minded entrepreneur who sees nothing wrong with offering non judgmental companionship whether open minded or just a service where clients can open up about who they really are.

Men & women need this type of service, there’s no doubt about that & there is a reason why it’s one of the oldest professions since the beginning of time. Sex & the need for love won’t go away just because you will it to. You can either embrace your sexuality & need for companionship, or fear & judge it.

So long as you know in your heart that you aren’t doing anything wrong like forcing others to do things they don’t want to do, that is all that matters to me. 

I encourage you to make a difference in this industry that needs a slap or two to get it into shape.

I have faith that one day that the rest of the people in North America (the States way more than in Canada) will FINALLY give up on trying to bring everyone down just because they feel they have the right to judge others. This often feels like way back when, when witches were burned at the stake out of fear of their power. Often the most open minded of women was shamed by the entire community because they couldn’t handle her sexuality either out of jealousy, or using religion as their weapon of choice.

Women & escorts aren’t here to take over the world, they are here to be women, & to provide a service.

I could say that most men fear women & while many still do, I don’t agree with that. I feel many women fear other women & it’s really a shame mainstream society is still so behind the times. I guess it helped me in my youth that even with being raised by a chauvinistic father, I never saw women as being any different than men, other than our body parts & a few other differences.

I hope one day both men & women will FINALLY start to respect women for the lovely, intelligent, creative, giving creatures they are.

On my next post, I’ll tell you why I feel escort services are being run by pimp like men & women.

Thank you for listening.

Exotic Publishing

Why are pimp like people running escort services?

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

So here is my point of view on why pimp like people are running escort services.

Because, society is LETTING THEM.

The more society continues to be shameful of escort services & escorts, & ignores the fact that they exist & always will, the more criminal types will run the escort industry.

The results are always the same.

Any substance or service that society tries to make criminal, whether it was alcohol, weed/hash, etc. always continues to flourish, ESPECIALLY when you try to control people & tell them what to do with their lives.

Very few people like me have the balls to say “screw you”, I feel that I’m doing nothing wrong, & we go ahead anyway & make the best of it.

So, if you are one of those who judges others because you “want” to feel superior over others because of self shame, guilt or insecurity, take a good look in the mirror & take responsibility for your role in:

  1. underage prostitution,
  2. human trafficking,
  3. slavery,
  4. escort agency owners who force their escorts to sleep with them,
  5. cops who blackmail the escort agency owners,
  6. cops who blackmail escorts by forcing them to sleep with them,
  7. cops who ignore it when escorts are beaten up, raped, or killed,
  8. STDs transmitted because there is no protection for sex workers, or
  9. escort service owners who sit by playing Russian Roulette because they can’t talk to the escorts about protection, etc.

Instead of ethical professional business people taking the reins & being proud to open an escort agency, they are ashamed, frightened & don’t want to take a chance that they will be closed down.

A lot of the law makers (certainly not all), media & police (to me they are bullies) continue to judge the escort industry while some see escorts on the side. This isn’t just hypocrisy, these are people with a lot of power to throw people in jail while they see escorts in their private lives, OR their personal beliefs are hidden, meaning they don’t really have a problem with escorts or escort agency owners.

Some of these people of power put on an act for society while their acions contradict what they say out in public because of the mask they wear.

For some I feel sorry for them, for others I say “STAND UP & live your life for yourself & your beliefs, not for the rest of the world because you live in fear.” Only you can judge yourself, no one has such power over you unless you give it to them, so really the ones we think have the power are usually just too scared to be “real”. I feel for them that they can’t be true to themselves.

We’ve seen this kind of hypocritical behavior in history of course, & it still goes on today…

a) women who are raped & then blammed for what men do to her
b) gays who have to lie & hide all the while pretending to be straight

You may not agree that this is the same thing, but I see the huge similarities.

In order to help the escort industry, these people in power should be setting up new laws that have NOTHING to do with pimping. There should be clear laws that differentiate between pimps & escort service owners, & hookers & escorts. Escort serivces once & for all should be considered a business just like any other. You already see this in Australia, parts of Canada, Germany, Amsterdam, & parts of the UK is on its way.

Instead, the people who decide what’s important for society run around taking away perfectly good cops from their position of helping to solve violent crimes or crimes that hurt people, & they assign them to shutting down the open minded owners of escort agencies who are just business people, or they chase escorts who have chosen to live their lives as THEY see fit.

Then because the criminals use more covert seedy methods to run their businesses, they get away with continuing to run escort agencies, while the professional ethical business people are shut down because they wanted to run their escort service properly & they didn’t go underground.

This then puts escorts & the clients who see them in more danger because they are then forced to be involved with real criminals who may be violent, steal, blackmail, etc. I mean when you call up an escort agency, you have no way of knowing what kind of person is manning the company, right?

Do you think escorts or clients are ever going to stop just because you say so?

Who are you to tell others what to do with their lives?

People throw that “moral” word around very loosely pretending they have the right to control other people’s lives. They even try to use religion to hide behind & cause pain for others. (while this isn’t the only reason I don’t believe in religion & haven’t since the age of 12, it is one of THE main reasons I started to question religion even at that young age.)

You CAN’T control anyone but yourself! This is the Universal law.

The laws on the books when it comes to prostitution & pimps are archaic & most don’t even differentiate between a business person who runs an escort service, & a pimp who forces girls to work for him/her. In fact, there are no real laws for the escort industry, at least not in North America. These laws are soooo old, they go back to years when I was either a child, or not even born yet.

This whole abusive circle affectively helps escort agency owners who are sleazy to open up more escort services. Sleazy escort service owners who don’t really care about the escort industry, girls, or clients. They care only about money & using girls for their own personal gain.

While they may not be your average street “pimp”, they are very borderline.

Even now, some of the clients who see escorts are more sleazy, can be violent, have mental disorders, are drug addicts, alcoholics, stalkers, etc.


Because there aren’t many agency owners in place who will say NO, you are banned from my agency, your behavior isn’t tolerated.

Then what happens, is that escorts need customers – (they have to make money in order to make a living of course), & because the escort industry has been taking a beating in the past year or two, some escorts feel forced into seeing these criminal or dangerous types because the “normal” guy who wants to see an escort has gone underground. The nice customer either sees escorts less, or stops entirely to keep away from all the constant judgment, harassment or the stigma from society’s so called “moral” judgment.

The so called “powers that be” & religious fanatics are soooo proud of themselves, & in the end all they are doing is driving more criminals to run agencies. These types don’t usually have a problem breaking the law, they are usually already doing it in some other form like trafficking drugs, murder, extortion, etc. Then they may get into slavery – human trafficking.

The ignorance that if you just close down all the escort agencies, that “poof“, the escort industry will just disappear is very naive, & in my opinion, very dangerous.


Because most escorts start off working for an escort service.

The odd one goes right to working as an independent escort, but they are slim to none.

They need to build up their confidence in seeing clients, they need to learn the ropes, & some never want to be an independent escort because that takes a lot of hard work & a bit of a business head that not everyone has.

Then because there aren’t a lot of professional ethical escort services out there, a lot of escorts feel tied & end up working for the types of escort agencies I mentioned above.

The chances of them getting beaten or addicted to drugs or alchohol has now increased quite a bit since those agency owners won’t have any boundaries in place like a professional escort agency might.

The escorts need to feel secure that someone working in the office is protecting them. That was my goal when I ran my 2 escort agencies.

How can they feel this way if all they have to choose from are the “pimp” like escort agencies?

The bottom line is, if escort services were left alone to run a business like other businesses do & they were ONLY brought down if they committed other crimes like assault, fraud, kidnapping, coercion, etc., you would slowly start to see the escort industry clean itself up.

This certainly wouldn’t happen overnight, but because there wouldn’t be this constant fear in the escort industry, the law enforcement who really cares would start to get calls from both escort service owners, and escorts, divulging who the real criminals are.

We need new, fresh escort services that are run like how I ran my escort agency.

I protected ALL of my girls because that was my job.

I never forced a girl to work, & if I felt she wasn’t suitable to work as an escort, I would tell her to go home.

I treated all of my customers with respect.

I never judged them, & I never lied to them.

I was often told I was THE most professional escort agency in the city of Toronto which made me proud.

I was NEVER perfect & I had my faults, & I can tell you a lot of the stress I encountered was from sleazy criminal types.

The professional ethical types are the people you want running escort services.

I encourage anyone who cares about this industry not to give up, & not to let the bullies run your life for you.

If you want to be an entrepreneur who wishes to own an escort agency for all the right reasons, know that I applaud & support you.

We need more people like you running our escort services. smile

If you are an escort, know that I also support you.

Help me get rid of all the pimp style escort agencies out there who use & abuse escorts & the clients who see them.

Help me get rid of all the hookerish type escorts who don’t belong in the escort industry.

I will sign off on this post, but don’t worry, I will be back.

Thank you for listening!

Exotic Publishing

Deborah Jeane Palfrey

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

This post is in memory of Deborah Jeane Palfrey

Like all things in life, there is the positive & the negative, ying & yang, comfortable & uncomfortable.

I don’t consider death to be negative, as it is just a part of Universal life, but in this case perhaps Deborah wasn’t ready to pass over yet, & she shouldn’t have had to make that choice one way or another.

I know how Deborah felt in some way, I myself always said that if they were going to cart me off to jail for doing nothing wrong, I would NOT be able to live amongst the criminals as I was NOT one, I decided I would end my life so I didn’t have to be imprisoned like some animal.

Lucky for me I didn’t have to make that choice, but Deborah did.

She was used & abused by American society’s VIOLENT need to string someone up or burn them at the stake.

The American people seem to always have this need to blame others because they can’t just live their own lives without sticking their nose into other people’s business.

Anyone bored with their lives? Do you feel the need to pretend you know the difference between right & wrong?

You don’t know the difference between right & wrong because there is no right & no wrong. Everyone has their own version of what makes them feel comfortable & not comfortable, & that is their choice as free spirited humans.

If something makes you feel uncomfortable you DON’T have to do, watch, read, talk about it, etc.

What makes you feel comfortable & happy I encourage you to watch, read & talk about.

You don’t have any right to judge others, & to blame Deborah for running an escort service is like blaming the woman who got raped because she wore a low cut top.

SHE has the right to dress sexy & NOT be raped, & Deborah had the right to run her business as she saw fit.

From what I know (I did not know her personally), she sounded to me like a nice person.

Was she opened minded?

Yes, so?

She was like me in that she felt there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with running an escort service so long as it’s run in a professional ethical manner.

I don’t care who her clients were & neither should you.

If you are the wife of one of her clients, then perhaps you feel (assuming you didn’t know your husband saw escorts) abandoned, lied to, cheated on, & I don’t blame you for your feelings, but I can tell you right now, that it’s probably better that he saw an escort, then had a mistress.

Deborah should NOT be blamed for your husband’s actions, they are his actions & his alone.

If your relationship had issues, those issues belong to you two, & have NOTHING to do with Deborah & her escort service.

She didn’t solicit him, put a gun to his head, etc. etc.

You have no right to blame someone else for someone else’s actions. That’s not even logical.

I don’t pretend to know what happened with Deborah’s case, all I know is that instead of the police & the DA concentrating on real criminals who do people physical harm, steal people money or materialistic objects, they feel the need to chase after business people who are running a business.

The escort industry in one form or another has been around since anywhere from 2400 B.C. to 1780 B.C. Because it’s been around for so long it should be respected, but alas <sigh>, the entire profession & industry has been cheapened & scorned for the last 100 years or so.

I’ll leave you with my thoughts.

Thank you