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U.N. Commission Calls for Legalizing Prostitution Worldwide

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

Secretary-General Ban is one smart cookie. Glad to hear it’s NOT just people in the escort industry trying to get rid of the archaic laws worldwide…



A report issued by the United Nations-backed Global Commission on HIV and the Law; recommends that nations around the world get rid of “punitive” laws against prostitution – or what it calls “consensual sex work” — and decriminalize the voluntary use of illegal injection drugs in order to combat the HIV epidemic.

The commission, which is made up of 15 former heads of state, legal scholars and HIV/AIDS activists, was convened in 2010 by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and is jointly backed by the United Nations Development Programme and UNAIDS – the Joint U.N. Programme on AIDS/HIV.

The commission recommends repealing all laws that prohibit “adult consensual sex work,” as well as clearly distinguishing in law and practice between sexual trafficking and prostitution.

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Is the hosting industry at risk?

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Does this potential
hosting bill affect the escort industry?

Note: This is ONLY for the United States. Other countries are NOT going down this path.

So  my current hosting company sent out this e-mail to all its customers & I read it. I took it VERY seriously, because I felt it could affect the escort industry in a negative way. Basically it allows the law to force hosting companies into handing over the name & contact information of any hosting account. They can do this without a subpena or warrant which is the main issue here.

I then wrote my lists & asked them to sign the petition fighting these changes, as I felt escorts, escort service owners & clients could all be at risk.

I kind of jumped the gun & decided to have legal look it over.

The crux of the issue is child pornography. At the time I felt that if they could do this in the name of child porn, they could maybe then start to bully the escort industry.

But my legal guy informed me, that they still have to swear out a statement saying that there’s evidence that this account holder has something to do with child porn.

Since the escort industry by & large has NOTHING to do with child porn & most escorts would FREAK if they found anyone involved in that, I stopped being so concerned about the bill, but I still realized this bill can cause major problems to the hosting industry. And frankly I didn’t like the sound of this new step the government is taking to try & wield their power.

So I wrote a second broadcast to my list admitting I jumped the gun, what I found out, yet I still encouraged them to sign the bill. I mean think about it, if they can do this without going through the normal route, they could “maybe” (not saying they will go in this direction) decide to do the same thing with our escort industry saying we are involved in trafficking or underage girls. Remember, they no longer have to get a subpena from a judge. This then means even if they find nothing, they can still start an investigation based on what they do find, but I’m sure if this sleazy tactic where they say one thing & no evidence is found happens one time too many, there will be major problems.

So despite how my brain can think many steps ahead, I still thought this was pretty good news that the escort industry in the US isn’t in any immediate risk in regards to hosting. I thought this would make people happy, so you can imagine my shock when one of my subscribers writes to me, & has the nerve to accuse me of supporting child pornography.

I calmly asked her to copy & paste where I stated such a thing in either of my two broadcasts & of course she couldn’t provide me with this because I never said that, nor even IMPLIED it.

Just some back story information for you so you will understand how someone could make such a leap…

It’s unfortunate, but the fact is, a lot of escorts & even some escort service owners aren’t very smart. This is probably not talked about very much on escort forums, but it should be a well known fact within the escort industry.

I have to say that since I started consulting, I’m happy that a lot of escorts I’ve come across & the majority of my clients are intelligent. They aren’t in the category I’m describing, because most people who aren’t smart don’t think they should be educated anyway. They don’t like to learn.

Dealing with escorts who were so dumb, was one of the biggest challenges I had when running my two escort services. Sometimes I just wanted to tear my hair out.

But I digress…

Anyway, this girl who obviously is an escort, wants to be an escort, or was just on the list for curiosity sake LEPT to the conclusion that just because I told people that the hosting bill wouldn’t risk the escort industry, & I was STILL encouraging people to sign it, that I was FOR child porn.

I’m still shaking my head at that logic that isn’t logical AT ALL.

I told her nothing could be FURTHER from the truth, I just happened to think that a government shouldn’t have FREE reign to gain access to people’s private information for no reason at all & then I included what we already know the US has done since 9/11 in the name of terrorism… arrest, detain & abuse people without just cause, AND keep them locked up with no right to counsel & we aren’t talking a few days here either.

But alas, my statement probably went right over her head.

Because she’s one of those people who’s actually quite dangerous (ignorant people always are), I told her to get off of my list & don’t ever come around Exotic Publishing again.

I then wrote to the list telling them how shocked I was. I said I didn’t think I HAD to say this, but I guess I do, I DO NOT SUPPORT CHILD PORN!!!!

I got several people trying to cheer me up, plus getting angry at the girl in question (I didn’t name names).

I decided to write this on the Exotic Publishing blog, because others had some comments & questions about the issues in the US that are taking away people’s rights, & others still had questions about hosting companies.

So if you have a question, please post it here so others can see the question & responses as well.

I will do the best I can to get you an answer regarding your rights if you live in the US.

Thank you for listening & Happy Holidays


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