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Why do you need Exotic Publishing?

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

People sometimes say this one thing to me which really irks me…

“How hard could it possibly be to run an escort service.”

Then they laugh as if its the stupidest thing ever to even suggest they need any education or need to be professional when it comes to running an escort agency.

I then shake my head in disbelief at the pure ignorance that person has & inside I hope they learn their lesson one day because it’s clear they are immature.

Those are the sleazy pimp types I avoid at all costs. Gross!

So I thought I should address this topic here just in case you are wondering why in the world do you really need Exotic Publishing.

  1. Running an escort agency is NO different than running any other business, except that how you run the business is definitely different. What I mean, is that people all over the world learn how to run businesses or buy material to learn how to run “that” specific business that they are interested in.

    They read & learn from what the experts say because they know they will get a head start over their competition & it will make their lives easier. Logically, why would they make things hard for themselves?

    I totally applaud all those smart clients we’ve had that tell me they wish to educate themselves before they start their escort service. They definitely make me proud that they have an open mind & they DON’T think “they know it all” or they don’t label the escort industry as being just a sleazy fly-by-night industry.

    Even I don’t think I know it all. How can I?

    And there in lies someone who is intelligent, someone who admits they may be smart, but there’s no way they will ever know everything & that is what education is for.

  2. You won’t know until I tell you – bottom line is this, unless you are already in the escort industry running your own escort service, much of what you will learn from my Platinum Mentorship Package is material you would NEVER have thought of before. I know this because I never knew it when I first started my first escort agency & I get clients all the time that tell me, “I never even thought to ask that question.”

    So it’s fine to have a list of all the questions you want to ask, but what about all the questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask?

  3. Support – I never EVER had this type of company available to me. When I ran my 2 escort agencies, I always felt isolated. While I had others around me, I could never trust any of them completely & if I needed to vent, I had no one to turn to & trust me, you WILL need to vent many times.

    Even venting to friends & family is NOT the same thing if they don’t work in your escort business & here’s why…

    No matter what story you tell someone who has no experience in the escort industry, they will NEVER be able to relate even though they make you believe they can.

    I once told a guy who liked me very much what was going on in my agency & all he would tell me is… “everything is going to be okay.”

    While I listened to him, I later realized he had no clue what he was talking about. Later on when he joined my escort agency to work for me, he finally admitted he didn’t have a clue & he should have taken what I said more seriously.

    When venting with me, not only do you get my undivided attention, my sole responsibility isn’t just to listen to you, it’s to make you feel like whatever you say to me is strictly confidential – because it IS!

    Note: the only exception to this would be if you told me you were hurting others physically or emotionally. I don’t tolerate people like that, so please don’t think I will be on your side if you are such a person. I don’t wish to judge you, but I won’t support you.

  4. Brainstorming – you can’t brainstorm with escorts, you can’t brainstorm with drivers & brainstorming with people (even if they are business owners themselves) is NOT going to necessarily help you.

    Even today when I brainstorm with so called business consultants to try & come up with solutions for common problems we have when running an escort service, while they do make suggestions, none of them will help. I tell them why & they give up.

    In order to solve problems in your escort agency OR grow your escort service monetarily, you need to brainstorm with someone who is smart & understands your situation.

    I NEVER had anyone to brainstorm with when I had my escort agencies & I’m positive that is one of the reasons I NEVER went over the million dollar mark. There was no such company around to offer me this brainstorming support like Exotic Publishing does.

  5. Time & Services – I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I was running my VERY busy escort agencies. I was sooooo busy, I didn’t even have time to pay the bills & NO, I’m not exaggerating.

    Running an escort service is hard work. It may be fun, it may be exciting, but it takes a lot of effort because you should be open almost 24/7, 365 days out of the year.

    We aren’t like other companies that get weekends or holidays off & they close up by 5.

    So again, I never had an executive assistant to help me expand my escort business; do research to figure out this problem or that problem. I was constantly working & would have just enough time (sometimes even then I didn’t have time) to place my weekly ads.

    Researching who was the best person for a job I needed done went beyond what I could do because I was just too busy doing the phones, interviewing girls, dealing with drivers, managing the money, creating ads, hiring phone people, ordering supplies, & the list goes on…

So, this is just a short list I came up with on the fly of why ANYONE who’s already running an escort agency or wants to eventually start an escort service needs Exotic Publishing & all the support we have to offer.

Have a lovely day & reach out to me if you have a question. I’d love to hear from you.