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The Mr. Winky Scam

Monday, March 16th, 2009

So normally I don’t go around bashing competitors because I’m just not like that & I don’t need to put other people down to pump myself up, BUT, I just got a disturbing call from 2 ladies who want to open their own escort service.

They purchased this e-book from this Mr. Winky (the name says it all) Note: his whole site is now down, so I removed the link

They tell me that the book is just a waste of money & it didn’t educate them at all. It’s just a how to book on how to open an escort service & sleep with all the girls.

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I don’t tolerate sexual assault on anyone & that INCLUDES escorts. This goes against my Code of Ethics.

This guy is what gives the escort industry a bad name, & the girls said he lied calling me a SCAM. Typical behavior from too many people in the escort industry unfortunately.

If you are a male (or female) looking to open an escort agency just to get all the sex you want, then beware that I will out you online for being a sexual predator.

Escorts should NEVER be mistreated like this & escorts, listen up, you should NEVER TOLERATE this kind of abuse because that’s all it is.

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