It’s 2010…

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It’s 2010 & women are STILL being told what they can & can’t do with their own body or time.

While women have made some progress over the last 80+ years or so, for the most part so called democratic societies (mainly in the US) STILL think they have the right to tell women what they can & can’t do with their time & body.

Women, YOU own your body, NO ONE ELSE DOES!!!

The way I see it, governments, politicians, religion & the law like to control human beings. Free? I don’t see human beings being free at all. Ever look around & count the hundreds of thousands of laws that are out there that control you?

Then they try to convince the masses that this is in their best interests when really it’s just a way for others in power to to control the average subset of society that aren’t smart enough to stand up for their rights.

You can’t confine a human being & then tell them it’s in their own best interests. Humans weren’t meant to be locked up or be watched 24/7. Even animals can’t handle that.

Back to women & how society continues to degrade them…

2 days ago I was talking to a man in the UK who provides sensual massages – mainly for men, but sometimes for women.

He told me a story about how when he was taking an advanced course to learn how to do elevated massage, one of his classmates & friend (a woman) were sitting down & talking with another woman who was also taking the course. Both him & his friend were already using massage for therapeutic sensual sexual reasons. This other classmate who wasn’t using massage for this purpose wanted to understand exactly what they were doing with their clients, so he & his friend told her.

They were both sitting right next to one another & YET the woman asking the question ONLY turned to his female friend & said, “Oh, so you are a prostitute!”

He was shocked because she didn’t say a word to him. She didn’t accuse him of any such thing, it was ONLY the woman she attacked & was clearly angry with.

This story just shows you how society (both men & women) STILL thinks women are second class citizens & when they do the exact same thing as men, they are judged, but the man isn’t.

It’s sad that whenever a female is involved in the adult industry or even pseudo adult industry in any area, they are attacked, yet when the man participates in it, it’s considered NO BIG DEAL!

So women are still judged for their sexuality & many times also judged if they have any interest in sexuality as a topic to study, educate others on, & men are not.

This is no different than the time I was shocked to learn there are about 15-18 different ways to call a woman a slut, but only 2-3 ways to call a man a slut.

Comments anyone?


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2 Responses to “It’s 2010…”

  1. Blake says:

    Hey there,

    Ive been reading through your blog last night and today… and I am only commenting to say that I agree with you in absolute on this. It bothers me plenty the number of busy body sociopath types that exist in power in many places and in particular Washington DC

    For a starter, I wanted to point out that the USA was a Constitutional Republic until these
    sociopathic neo-cons started worming their way into power in the last 80 years.
    The last 30 years however has been the worst of it though.

    Here is why. In a Constitutional Republic… everyone has the right to be who they want to be and do what they want to do so long as it does not hurt, harm, or infringe on anyone else’s rights.

    Therefore all women as well as men are protected even if what they choose for their own life is unpopular with the majority.

    It doesnt matter, everyone respects each others way… without casting judgement or action on others… even if we dont agree with it or see something as a lifestyle we would choose for ourselves… in a Constitutional Republic we still protect everyones rights no matter how popular or unpopular their life choices are.

    In a democracy… its mob rule.

    Meaning if a majority dont like something that is unpopular within their own peer group or way of thinking or seeing things…

    the majority takes action to try and control & force EVERYONE to follow what they believe or choose.

    The USA has slowly become an unoffical DEMOCRACY over the years… and you contantly here it from the Government talking heads or President on TV…”our democracy, our democratic ways, we are bringing to democracy to the world”…

    When we recite the pledge of alligance to the flag of US of A… we verbalize ….
    ” and to the Republic for which it stands” …. NOT … “and to the Democracy for which it stands” !

    Democracy is all about majority control… it is unfair to everyone… and without taking sides on political parties… democracy is a base word of democrat or democratic meaning a practicer of democracy… or MOB RULE . Need I say more?

    It is very dangerous to have people like that in any sort of position of power anyplace let alone in power of a countrywhere they are constantly trying to implement new laws & reg to control people even more.

    Which leads me back to your topic… of how in the USA they are always trying to control a woman and keep her from choosing what she wishes with her body.

    What you say is the truth… and anyone in denial of it only needs to look to Washington DC and view those 100,000 rules that control women, men, our food, our travel and so on and on.

    Anyway, great topic. Cheers!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Now if ONLY we could get everyone on board with this & start a revollution.

    I’m currently reading an interesting, but very disturbing book on the Fast Food industry & corporations in general.

    I had NO IDEA how much control they’ve had over society since they started back in the 50’s.

    Did you know that because schools were so underfunded they started allowing fast food companies to advertise in their schools. Then what happened is the Fast Food companies (and other corporations) also provided scholastic material that is (or was, not sure) being taught in the schools that favor them & their brainwashing ideology????

    So, companies like Pizza Hut teach the kids that there’s nothing wrong with eating pizza every day, oil companies are teaching them that there’s no such thing as pollutants that cause Global Warming, & the list goes on.

    HOLY SHIT!!!

    This means every kid is NOT ONLY being brainwashed into learning what these corporations want them to learn, BUT, they are being inundated with advertising from such an early age that they are now a life long consumer of that company’s brand.

    While it’s obvious that from a company’s standpoint this is a WIN WIN & I’m all for companies making money, but what gets me is that:

    1. The school boards are allowing the companies to provide textbook material that is UNTRUE & actually allowing this BS to be taught.

    2. The teachers are allowing this as well knowing full well it’s BS. (assuming the teacher has any brains)

    Of course the teachers have far less control over there so I can’t blame them 100%, but come on people – THIS IS NUTS!!! The government is allowing this.

    No wonder these last 2 generations have grown up the way they have.

    My question is, does this only happen in America, or in other countries too?

    Love Larken Rose –


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